Monday, January 27, 2014

To Hell With Apologies - And Those Who Demand Them

I am only speaking for myself, but I, for one am getting really sick and tired of people who constantly demand apologies from anyone who says or does something they disagree with. It's BS.

If a person is pro-gay, they have every right to speak their mind without being vilified by those who disagree. And those who are anti-gay have the same right. There is never any need to apologize for standing up for what you believe in. The ONLY time an apology is in order is if and when someone says or does something that is inconsistent with their own beliefs - not being true to self.

And the only thing worse than those demanding apologies are those who cave in, and apologize for having stood up for their beliefs. The apology is almost always insincere. It's like someone saying they love you only because you asked them to - it's meaningless.

The Washington Redskins have nothing to apologize for because of their name. People who favor gay marriage have nothing to apologize for, nor do those who oppose it. When we allow a few whiny malcontents to dictate what we must think and say, for fear of being called "racist", "homophobe" or other derogatory term, then we become a nation of sheep, rather than a nation of lions. And I need not remind you that sheep have another name - PREY!

Look, if a person says he believes a politician to be a moron and says so, he should never apologize for that, nor does anyone have a right to demand such an apology. If, on the other hand he calls the person a moron but does not really believe them to truly be a moron, then perhaps an apology is in order.

America used to be a nation of people who stood up for their convictions, and that made us strong. Now I am afraid we have become a nation of apologists - and that makes us weak. The most important reason America has lost so much respect in the world lately is simply because we have a leadership that has shown a penchant for apologizing, and retreating. No one can respect someone who cowers to the will of others.


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