Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lawless White House Enforces A Law That Does Not Exist

Headed to the Supreme Court is the question (which is no question at all) as to whether or not a person can buy a hunting rifle for someone's birthday.

I say this is not a question because transfers of rifles - even handguns - is completely legal. In fact, Congress shot down the liberal attempt by Obama to require background checks on any transfers.

But that does not hinder Mr. Obama or his henchman, Eric Holder, neither of which has any use for the Constitution or Congress. Or the law, for that matter. The feds are taking this to court because a police officer purchased a hunting rifle for his uncle and they busted him for it, even though it has never been illegal. I might add that the uncle is not an ex-con or anything that would preclude him from owning guns. He is a legal, honest citizen.

Last year Congress was faced with legislation that might have made such transfers illegal by requiring background checks for any transfer. But even the Democrats voted against it, as it was a blatant violation of our rights. But the lawless Obama administration does not care - to them, the law does not matter. All that matters is what THEY want.

Ever since the first percussion weapon was invented, people have had the right to transfer them. When my Dad passed away, I inherited his rifles and shotguns. There was no background check. But according to the anti-2nd Amendment morons, that should be illegal. Under their reign, if they were to succeed, a father would no longer be able to buy his son his first target rifle, or hunting rifle. People would not be able to inherits guns from those who have passed away - they government would have to confiscate them. You would not be able to sell a gun you no longer want or need. You would not even be able to buy a purse gun for your wife, for her personal protection.

Fortunately, the anti-gun nuts have not succeeded, not even among most Democrats. But again, that has not stopped Holder or Obama from bullying legal gun owners, threatening them, and even having them arrested.

And as ridiculous as it may seem, since there is no law against transferring guns, the Obama Administration is wasting the courts time on a non-issue - an issue that Congress already decided.

I can't wait until we toss those lawless clowns to the curb in 2016 and return America to a country that respects the law, instead of being brow-beaten by the corrupt and lawless bunch in the current administration.


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