Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Can't Democrats Understand Simple Economics?

They're at it again! Democrats, supported by President Obama, are pushing for another increase in the minimum wage to $10.10/hr. They are determined to shove more people into poverty, because that is precisely what a minimum wage does, every time.

I simply cannot fathom that anyone would be unable to understand a simple fact of economics - if you raise the cost of PRODUCTION, you increase the COST of product to consumers. Unlike Uncle Sam, businesses cannot simply print money. If they have to pay more for salaries, they have to charge more for their products and/or lay off people. Neither is good for the economy. And I suspect the Democrats know that.

So, since it is unlikely anyone is really so stupid as to not comprehend that rising costs result in rising prices, perhaps we should assume there is a more nefarious motive behind the Democrats incessant push for ever-increasing minimum wage.

What, then, could be the motive? Dare I suggest socialism?

I have made this statement many times - liberals certainly want socialism in America - they have said so, and I take them at their word on that. And the only way to convince Americans that socialism is needed would be if you can make capitalism collapse. As Saul Alinski and Karl Marx said, step #1 is to bankrupt the treasury.

Look! A $17 TRILLION dollar debt! People losing full-time work and only getting part-time. ObamaCare devastating portions of the economy. Trillions in government waste and fraud. Mega-billions doled out to Obama supporters. A push to increase minimum wage to force prices higher. Over 3000 new (and costly) regulations since Obama has been in office. An unemployment rate that has exceeded the norm for over 5 years. The list is nearly endless...

The headline of this post probably should be "Democrats DO understand simple economics - and plan on using it against America."


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