Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Late-Term Abortion Ban to be Defeated In NM?

Albuquerque voters appear to be on the verge of defeating a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks unless the mother's life is at serious risk.

A couple of points I believe should be considered - whenever a referendum measure is on a ballot, it tends to turn out more voters who are opposed to it, so I suspect the bill would pass if more voters had taken the time to get off their arses and vote.

But more important is this, from the news at HuffPost:

"Today, Albuquerque voters have rejected a measure that would have compromised women's health and safety and stripped them of their ability to make complicated, personal, and often very difficult medical decisions," Nancy Northup, president and CEO at the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement.
"But in spite of this victory, this vote illustrates the very real threat that essential women's health care continues to face from those who seek to make it illegal, indifferent to the devastating consequences that women will suffer"

That statement by Northrup is absolutely false on so many points. First, the ban would not compromise a woman's health or safety - exceptions were made for those issues, so Northrup is being intentionally deceptive. But the part of her moronic statement that really gets in my craw is the part where she talks about "the consequences that women would suffer." To that I must ask, "What about the consequences to the aborted baby who forfeits its life on the whim of the mother?" Northrup has no concern for the true victim. After all, which life is being altered the most by an abortion? The life being ended, of course.

Ever notice that every person in favor of abortion is already alive, and has no need to fear it? I wonder how many of them would still be for abortion if it were made retroactive, and they could end up forfeiting THEIR lives at the whim of another.

Just sayin'...


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