Thursday, June 27, 2013

True Immigration Reform

The Senate is currently getting ready to push through a bogus "immigration reform" bill that will do absolutely nothing to reform immigration. That's because a) DHS reserves the right to NOT build the fence required, b) 19,600 new border agents would not even begin to get hired until 2017, and c) there is no accountability to ensure things get done. In other words, it's 1986 all over again - promises of securing the border, but promises that do not have to be kept.

Here is true immigration reform, and it is incredibly simple...

1) Any immigrant who wants to come here to work will be allowed to come through the front door and have a work visa, provided they pass a records check and get immunized. Since honest, working immigrants are welcome through the font gate, this would assure that any immigrant "sneaking" over the border is coming for nefarious purposes (drugs, terrorism etc.), so...

2) The border must be made secure, and anyone found sneaking in will be assumed to be a criminal or terrorist and imprisoned until he/she can be deported.

E-Verify should be mandatory, to insure the "working" immigrant is actually seeking employment.

Simple. Then let us see which Democrats are willing to NOT secure the border FIRST, knowing that only criminals and terrorists would be sneaking in. What excuse would Democrats have? How could they defend the choice to not secure the border?

I would certainly like to hear the whacky, convoluted excuses they would use to be able to keep the borders porous...

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