Friday, June 7, 2013

Liberals War On Children

Have you ever noticed that while liberals keep trying to scam us by saying Republicans have a "war on women", or "war on the poor" etc., (none of which have any basis in fact), it is the liberals, themselves, who have been conducting a war on the poor, a war on minorities, and most importantly - a war on children.

The war on the poor & minorities is conducted by enabling them with excessive entitlements, and keeping them dependent upon the government. This literally makes slaves of them. But it is the liberals' war on children that is most dastardly!

It is a fact that liberals are the ones who push unfettered abortions (and this is not just a war on children, but also on minorities since most aborted babies are minorities). Since Roe vs Wade, 54,559,615 babies have been deprived of the right to live. That's almost 55 million, folks. But even that does not show the true nature of liberals.

A 10 year old girl is dying, in need of a lung transplant. Because she is a child, she was denied new lungs. When the parents asked HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to help, she simply said, "someone lives, someone dies", in a callous, thoughtless, heartless diatribe as to why she, the most powerful person in the health care sector, said she could do nothing.

Thank God a federal judge decided HE could do something, and gave the girl the right to a transplant. You can bet the judge was not a liberal.

The point here is that liberals have no use for children - at least, not other people's children. They abort them, deny them equal medical care, and ruin their sense of independence and accomplishment by taking away their incentive to do better in school by making sure ALL children get equally rewarded for EFFORT rather than ACCOMPLISHMENT. Children are denied the right to grow strong through competition. Even dodgeball is outlawed.

On the news last night I heard a middle-school girl tell the journalist that her (liberal) teacher taught her that America is taking over smaller countries that are too poor and weak to defend themselves. Really? Liberals are brainwashing the children, in schools and universities nationwide.

And now we find out that some schools - run by liberals - have secretly conducted retinal scans on the kids. For all we know, they are collecting DNA, too.

Yes, my friend, the liberals are, indeed, waging war on our children. Maybe it is time to wage war on liberals.


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