Monday, February 25, 2013

Obama's Phony Sequester Scare Tactics

OK, so we may end up actually imposing sequestration - which, by the way, is the product of the White House. Obama and his team created the plan. And in November 2011 he stated in a speech that he would veto ANY bill that would avert the sequester. Now, suddenly, he wants to avert it, says it will destroy the economy, and actually has the unmitigated gall to blame Republicans for this. When, in fact, Republicans already passed two bills to avert it, but the Democrats won't even let them come for a vote in the Senate.

But here is where Obama and his evil minions really get dirty - they are all out on the campaign trail (where Obama lives) using scare tactics on the people, threatening that by not increasing taxes instead of making cuts, the big, bad Republicans are going to get police, firefighters and teachers laid off. And that narrative is the biggest lie the Democrats have told since their lires about ObamaCare.

First, $85 billion is virtually nothing when it comes to cuts - in fact Congress recently authorized to spend $60 billion for hurricane Sandy. Did THAT get teachers fired?

Second, the government, itself, has recognized over $400 billion in actual waste - the $85 billion could simply be deducted from that.

Third, we spend hundreds of billions on non-essential things - instead of laying off a TSA agent, how about laying off that extra tuba player in the Marine Corps Band? But NO, Obama would rather SCARE people, which is all he has done for 5 years in a pathetic attempt to divide and conquer the American people.

The fact is, Obama is the one who would CHOOSE where the cuts are made. And he is saying he will cut essential personnel rather than the non-essential, for the express purpose of making Republicans look bad. Because if Republicans allow the sequestration to occur, and people get HURT by it, Obama gets to pack the House with Democrats in 2014. So, Obama intends to harm the folks, all for political gain.

But that is nothing new for Obama, is it?

In fact, according to a recent news story, Obama plans the following cuts - in Ohio, 350 teacher and teacher-aide jobs are at risk, which means 43,000 fewer students will be served.  In Virginia, 90,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed. About 4,180 fewer children in Georgia would get vaccines and, in Kentucky, 400 fewer victims of domestic violence would end up being served.

Did you notice anything? Those cuts in essential services (which are totally unnecessary and by Obama's
own choice) are all made in REPUBLICAN controlled states. Gee, what a coincidence.

Many say Obama is a fool, or simply does not understad economics. But I do not believe that. I believe - and ALL the evidence over the last several years proves - that Obama is a socialist bent on destroying capitalism so the folks will follow him to a socialist state in order to "save themselves" from the havoc wreaked by the "greedy rich." (BTW, it is the "greedy rich" who provide all the jobs, all the products and services we need, and 80% of all the taxes that fund this country).

And everything Obama does is for political gain to serve that agenda - he does not care how much he harms the folks - or America - as long as he can push the socialist "Overton Window" so far to the left that we will never recover. After all, once you provide an entitlement to people, how do you ever take it away?

Anyone who doubts this should review their history - in every instance where the government power grew enough to provide entitlements to the masses, that nation ended up in ruins. Like the Roman Empire.


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