Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can You Get The Best Real Estate Investing Guide FREE? Almost...

As many of you already know, "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" is the most effective, yet least expensive of all the real estate investing courses. As a non-profit, it can offer everything - even free coaching - for under $50 complete. But now everyone has an opportunity to get it for even less - MUCH less. So, listen up, folks, and spread the word to your family, friends and associates. Email this page (or its URL) to everyone you know so they, too, can profit from this opportunity.

Here's the deal - we are testing the effectiveness of certain web pages. If you visit a certain page and find a certain phrase on that page, simply highlight that phrase, and when you order "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" simply paste that phrase into the COMMENT box on the order form. Each order that includes the correct phrase will receive an immediate refund of 30% of the purchase price. In other words, you will get the entire course, complete with mentoring, for under $35!

Now THAT is a great deal!

To get started, simply go to this web page. Scan or read the page to locate the list of the (3) things necessary to succeed in real estate investing. Highlight that list and paste it into the COMMENT box on your order form. That's all there is to it. You will get the entire course, the software, the free lifetime mentoring and all 20 bonus books for nder $35. You simply cannot beat that. And if you have any doubts about the credibility of our course, feel free to check us (INTELLIBIZ) out at the Better Business Bureau - where we have had an "A+" rating for over 20 years.

Of course, you can just keep on doing what you have always done. But then, you will only get what you always got. Is that enough for you?


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