Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disappointed in Geraldo

As I watched Geraldo Rivera these last few days as he tries to defend sanctuary cities, I lost all respect for the man. As a reporter, he is supposed to be objective, but he is not. Like many others on the left, he has an agenda, and uses every opportunity to push it. That's fine. But what is not fine is when he prostitutes his profession in that manner. It seems dishonest. It is akin to false advertising, by claiming to be an objective reporter, and under that guise he leads people to believe that sanctuary cities are doing the right thing by breaking federal law.

Geraldo stated that the reason the illegal immigrant in Newark was able to kill three kids is because the guy was out on bail, and the bail was too low. While that sounds logical on the surface, it does not withstand even the most cursory inspection.

Here are the real facts:

1) If Newark did not have a sanctuary policy, that killer would have been reported to ICE and deported about 60 crimes ago, and would not have been out on bail, to kill American kids. He would not have been out on bail, because he would not have been here to rape the kids he was arrested for. He would be in his home country, and no American would have suffered at his hands.

2) If that killer had not illegally entered this country in the first place, and found sanctuary, those kids would still be alive today.

So, the murders occurred not because of low bail, but because immigration laws were not adhered to, and a sanctuary city allowed and enabled an illegal immigrant to roam our streets and terrorize Americans. This man raped children, and mudered college kids, among his many crimes. Yet, he was still running free on the Streets of Newark because, and only because, Newark is a sanctuary city.

Geraldo went on to claim that there were 60 murders in Newark this year, and people opposed to illegal immigration are not making an issue of those, so they have no right to make an issue of these three murders. But the fact is, while we cannot prevent crimes by Americans, we CAN prevent crimes by illegals, by deporting them. Geraldo does not seem to understand that 57 murders are better than 60 murders. We should prevent the ones that we can. But sanctuary cities - and people like Geraldo - are opposed to that because it harms their cause - to have open borders.

Personally, I think our immigration laws leave a lot to be desired. But it really irks me when people like Geraldo attempt to spin the issue in such a way as to insult my intelligence. For him to tell me it is a "low bail issue" is to try and tell me that the killer is not responsible - the court is.

Wake up, Geraldo - while the court may have erred, and in so doing may have provided OPPORTUNITY for the crime, it is not the CAUSE of the crime. The cause is simple - a person who should not have even been in America was allowed to enter, and was provided protection and sanctuary by the corrupt officials of Newark, New Jersey, even after he had committed many serious crimes.

Geraldo would do well to spend a few minutes learning about "cause and effect", and stop trying to legitimize giving sanctuary to ANY criminal, regardless of their immigration status.

Strange, though, how Geraldo has no problem turning AMERICAN criminals over to the feds, when federal laws are broken.

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