Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hey, Republicans, the Latino Vote is Not Hard to Get

I am perplexed by Republican's inability to figure out how to get the Latino vote, since it is a no-brainer.

First, seal the border except at legal check-points. All polls show Latinos want to prevent further illegal immigration, mostly because it is THEIR jobs that illegals go after. So, step one to pleasing Latinos is to prevent illegals from getting in. This is non-negotiable, not only for Latinos, but for most Americans nationwide. This also solves the "anchor baby" problem - if they can't get in, they can't give birth here.

Then comes the part where we need to deal with the illegals that are already here. While Latinos are opposed to more illegals coming in, they are also opposed to deporting those who are already here, as many of those are family members or friends. So, if you want to win the Latino vote, we need a fair way of dealing with the illegal population. And that, to, is simple.

First, make it public that illegals already here, provided they have no criminal record may stay, be issued a work visa and have legal status simply by coming in and signing up. They may NOT become citizens unless they go through all the same steps as any other legal immigrant, and must learn English. Otherwise, they are legal and may work here, and pay taxes. These special visas will be renewable every 2 or 3 years - if they have not committed a crime, their visa is renewed. And any illegal who does not sign up would be considered a criminal - why else would they not sign up and get a "free pass"? So, upon being located or arrested for anything else, see below.

Criminal illegals would first be tried for illegally entering the U.S., which would be made a felony, and if it is their first offense, they would be placed on probation and deported. If they return, they would automatically be arrested for violation of probation and sent to prison to serve their term, not less than 5 years for the first offense, and 10 for the second.

Republicans need to understand this simple concept - Latino Americans are just like any other segment of our society. They want to keep family and friends close; they want to keep their jobs to feed their families; and they do not want criminals roaming the streets. How do I figure this? I did what most Republican politicians never do - I asked legal Latinos on the street how THEY would deal with the issue. I did not ask illegals, nor Latino pundits like Geraldo. I asked the folks on the street, the ones who will vote.

To win the Latino vote is as simple as sealing the border, deporting or jailing criminals, and providing the current population of illegals a means for remaining here legally, to work.



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