Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obama COULD Relieve Racial Tensions, But...

If the president were really interested in neutralizing the racial tension and angst in America, and help heal the country, there a a few things he has the power to do - but he refuses to do them, because to do them would be to break the stranglehold Democrats have on minorities and those in poverty.

He could, for example, push for school choice, which would allow those in poorer neighborhoods to go to better schools and get a better education. But he stands firmly against school choice, knowing full well that disallowing it harms the black community. He bows to votes and contributions of the teacher's union (and all other unions) rather than do what is right.

He could subsidize trades programs in the schools in urban areas, to provide hands-on experience and training for good paying trade occupations. But the only "occupation" our president is interested in is that which is perpetrated by the anarchists of the OCCUPY bunch.

He could reduce corporate taxes, encouraging business growth, producing more jobs. Nope! Won't do that, either.

He could stand strong for family values, and encourage black families to be WHOLE families, with two parents. And for children without fathers, he could build and strengthen a solid mentor program, where fatherless kids can find a father figure for guidance.

He could sign a couple of the jobs bills that Republicans have put forth, which would help take some black families out of poverty. But he won't do that, either.

Yeah, there are things Mr. Obama could easily do. But he won't, because the Democrats can only control the minority vote as long as they keep them dependent.


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