Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Racist Liberals Are At It Again

People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make their livings on racial issues and social unrest, so they make it a point to stoke the fires of racism at every opportunity. That, in my book, makes them the most racist people in America. Worse than that, they profit from it.

But there are others, under the guise of authority, who also push the buttons of racism, but in a more subtle manner - which makes them even more dangerous. People like Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder prosecuted 4 race cases where the victims were black, but refused to prosecute a case where the victims were white. And today he is giving a speech before the NAACP using racism - in a subtle way - to inflame people protesting the Zimmerman verdict.

One of the worst points in American history was slavery, and how black Americans were treated from Day One until recently. Yes, racism was a problem , but recently it has become a minor issue. I can say that because only 12% of America is black, but more than half of all Americans voted for Obama - TWICE!

And I contend that the ONLY reason racism still exists at all in America is because the racist haters like Sharpton and Jackson keep stoking the flames. They keep it alive. They make sure no one forgets, or forgives. They make certain that the low information American believes racism is a major issue when in fact it is not.

And until those low information Americans - mostly liberals and blacks - get wise to the fact that the Sharptons of the world are preying on them, and the Democrats are keeping them in a state of dependence, then nothing will change.

It's time they wised up. That is, if they REALLY want to end racism in America.


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