Monday, May 13, 2013

The "Know Nothin" President

I have never seen anything like this! The United States of America now has a President who not only does not know what leadership is, but does not know much of anything at all that goes on in his administration.

Just in recent months, our president stated he did not know who attacked our consulate in Benghazi, does not know who gave the order to "stand down", and does not know who gave Susan Rice her talking points. And just since Friday, he has stated he knew nothing about the IRS breaking federal law by targeting conservatives for political purposes, and he knows nothing about the Justice Department seizing phone records from the Associated Press without explanation.

I gotta ask - if, as the liberals claim, Obama is SO intelligent, why is it he knows NOTHING of what goes on in his own administration, or even in the White House?

There are only two possibilities - either Obama and his administration are completely corrupt, or they are completely incompetent. But in either case, they certainly should not be in any position of power higher than that of Road Kill Clean-Up Crew.

I do not believe Obama and his minions are incompetent. I think they are typical, corrupt Chicago thugs.


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