Monday, March 2, 2009

Blatant Attack On Religion

This year, for the first time in the history of American taxation, charitable contributions to your church will not be deductible unless you get a receipt for each donation.

Think about that for a moment. Try to imagine the deacon passing the plate down the pews, then having to determine who gave what, and write out receipts. Frankly, that is impossible.

This will result in much less in donations during church services, since a lot of folks depend upon being able to deduct their weekly contribution. In many religions, the folks are expected to tithe 10%, and quite a few do just that. But no more. And churches will suffer, and slowly die.

And now Congress, under Reid, Pelosi and the president, Obama, are working on a bill to reduce the amount of deduction that can be taken on ANY charitable contribution. This will deal a death blow to many fine charities. The stimulus bill has provisions to funnel some money to certain charities, and the Democrats say that is good enough. They are socializing charity.

So, what is going on? It would appear that government, under Democrat rule, wants to determine which charities are worthy of being funded through taxes. This is another very important area that the liberals feel they must control if they are to succeed in pushing America into a more socialist society.

Don't forget - because of the so-called "separation of church and state", the tax money that will be the primary source of funds for charities in the future will not be able to go to religious organizations or churches. And that will be the final death blow to organized religion.

Why would liberals want to destroy religion? I have written about this before, and warned this would happen, last year. Liberals on the far left want a society in which anything goes - true liberalism. If it feels good, do it. Right now, there is only ONE THING that stands in the way of such a society - moral ethics. And all morality comes from religion.

It is religion that puts a damper on their "fun". Religious mores make it wrong to do drugs, molest children, and perform euthanasia, as it once stood in the way of abortion-on-demand. In order for liberalism to proceed, religion must die.

And if you have not yet noticed, the liberals managed to con their way into power. Yes, conned their way in, with promises they have no intention of keeping, handouts and entitlements that are sure to buy loyalty, and rewriting history in such a way as to promote legitimacy of their cause.

The nuts are running the nuthouse. And unless we, the People, act in 2010 to change the direction of Congress, the future will not be pretty. Because when morality dies in a society, the worst of human nature is set free.


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