Friday, September 5, 2008


This is about the calibre of media reporting, and of party affiliation. It will be simple and sweet.

Over the 16 months of Obama's campaign, I have not seen a single news story about anything his kids may heve done wrong. I have not seen any pundit pull them into the spotlight in anything but a positive way. They have not been attacked by the media, nor by conservatives.

In the 6 days that Palin has been campaigning, all the liberal news media, and the liberal pundits, and the liberals, themselves, have relentlessly attacked Palin's children. Headlines like, "Palin Daughter Does Drugs at 13", or "Palin Daughter Pregnant & Unwed" have been everywhere.

This speaks loudly of the scruples (or lack thereof) of the liberal media and the liberal pundits. While conservatives have kept Obama's children as "off-limits", the liberals have constantly and viciously attacked Palin's kids.

This shows the calibre of people. And I would be completely disgusted and ashamed if I were a Democrat, since all liberals are Democrats (but not all Dems are liberals). But since this very thing helps prove that liberals have few, if any moral values, I am sure they feel neither disgust nor shame for their immoral antics.

And please do not waste your time defending the "moral fabric" of liberals, as their leaders have often admitted that they have few morals, because it is morals that hold us to traditions. And liberals, by nature and definition, are not tradition-bound. The very word liberal means to be open to anything new or different (whether good or bad does not seem to matter). So I am not being intentionally insulting when I say that liberals tend to have the morals of a junkyard dog. I am just stating the facts of life.

If you doubt that, look upon the 10 Commandments (note that they are NOT the "10 Suggestions"). Thou shalt not murder - yet liberals hold to abortion - even live birth abortion. Thou shalt not covet - liberals make no secret of coveting that which is ours, by taxation and wealth re-distribution. Thou shalt not commit adultery. When Clinton and other Dems did this, the liberals said "This is not an issue. Just forget it. Big deal!" When a Republican is caught doing it, Republicans find it morally reprehensible (and so do liberals, suddenly). Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Almost all atheists are liberals. Thou shalt not steal. The liberals constantly attempt to take what we have earned, without our permission, and give it to others.

Face it, anyone who wants to vote for a party that works at (but sometimes fails at) maintaining the high moral ground would vote Republican. Yes, sometimes they fail - they are only human. But at least they HAVE moral values, and TRY to honor them, for the most part.

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