Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to NOT Succeed

This really takes the cake! If you want to know one of the greatest secrets to success, it lies in making choices that result in good consequences.

Most learned folks understand that liberals, by their nature, do not like having to accept responsibility for their poor choices or bad behavior. As proof, I offer the simple fact that it is liberals that push so hard for the "right" to choose to end a baby's life before it even starts. The person makes a poor choice (sleeps with a guy without protection), then when she gets pregnant she insists on "undoing" that choice, and calls that the "right to choose". In fact, it is nothing more than a right to escape the consequences of earlier poor choices. Imagine if a bank robber, upon being caught, could just give back the money and walk away without going to jail. Same thing. Do bad things. If you don't get caught, you're golden. If you do get caught, scream for "do-overs".

That said, this one is precious, and it would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

Congresswoman Laura Richardson, a Democrat from California (wouldn't you know) lost her home in Sacramento to foreclosure. That, in itself, is not newsworthy, even though her salary as a congresswoman surpasses the salaries on most Americans. What IS worthy of note is that she refuses to accept the foreclosure, and does not believe she should lose her home.

And why is this so stunning? She states that the reason she stopped paying her mortgage, and stopped paying her property taxes was because she decided to use her mortage and tax money to fund her political campaign! And she thinks that makes it OK to default on her obligations!

How incredibly arrogant. And dumb. That is no different from the guy who loses his home because he spends his mortgage money at the racetrack (or on booze, or drugs).

This congresswoman CHOSE to pay for a political campaign with her mortgage and tax money. That was a choice she made. And for every choice, there are consequences. But now, like a true liberal, she thinks she can simply ignore the consequences - that they do not apply to her. She thinks she does not have to accept the consequences of her choices. It's just unfair!

Even more incredible: the people in her district actually VOTED that irresponsible clown into office. Now this person, incapable of accepting responsibility for her own personal obligations, is in a position to make laws that affect us all.

NOTE TO THOSE WHO SEEK SUCCESS: Every choice results in consequences. To achieve success, make choices that are most apt to have favorable consequences.

In other words, do NOT do what congresswoman Richardson did. And do NOT elect people like that into office. And if they DO get into office, get them out - fast!

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