Monday, November 12, 2007

Quitting Smoking - Help From the Internet

Lord knows it's hard to quit any habit, but smoking has got to be among the most difficult. And while there are any number of helpful things you can do - the patch, hypnosis, medication etc., it often is not quite enough.

And the Web comes to the rescue. Quitters can now get help in kicking the habit, 24/7 on the Internet. You can find expert advice from the chat community at, which includes a directory of local support programs and other tools, and a free, step-by-step quitting program at

Hey, whatever helps ya quit!

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John Lyman said...

And consider the economic side of this. I quit years ago, so I've lost track of what the cost per pack is. But I think it's around 5 bucks or more here in the Seattle area. If you poison yourself with one pack every day or two, multiply that by the number of days in a year. That's enough money to invest in RE with!