Monday, August 13, 2012

What The Paul Ryan Pick Means

Some folks were surprised when Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP pick. But I can understand that choice - Romney understands that the discourse needs to change from the current onslaught of "small ball", meaningless issues to the bigger issues facing America.

Until now, the discourse put forth by the Obama camp has been idiot things like tax retrurns, Romney "killing" a woman with cancer, free contraceptives and a host of other gutter tactics, none of which moves the debate forward. By choosing Paul Ryan, the issues will now come front and center. Issues like the deficit, debt, budget, tax reform, entitlement reform.

And Obama has spent the entire election cycle avoiding those issues, because his record on them is starkly without any substance. In office 3.5 years, Obama and his minions have not put forth a single plan to deal with a Medicare system that will be bankrupt in 12 years, or a deficit that has tripled under his watch. His abject failure to lead on important issues is what he is trying to sweep under the rug by pushing gutter ads and strategies, blaming the rich, the GOP, the Tsunami and everything else he can blame, rather than accept some responsibility for the mess we are in.

Yes, he inherited a mess. But he promised to fix it within 3 years. Instead, his policies have made it much, much worse. After 3.5 years of HIS policies, he now owns the economic picture. After all, after just 9 months in office the Democrats blamed Bush for failing to stop 9/11.

Thank the Lord that maybe now the debate will be raised to the level it needs to reach if we are to fix things.


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